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Mihaela Froehlich, Graduate Student

Mihaela Froehlich

Please note: Mihaela has left the Mathematics department at Duke University; some info here might not be up to date.

Contact Info:
Office Location:  025 Physics
Office Phone:  (919)-660-2832
Email Address: send me a message
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MA MathematicsDuke University2005
BS MathematicsVirginia Military Institute2003
BS PhysicsVirginia Military Institute2003

Applied Math
Research Interests: Rotating thin films

Current projects: The influence of Marangoni forces on instabilities in spin coating

Interest in studying rotation of thin films comes from the industrial process of spin coating where undesirable fingering instabilities have been observed. I work on computational model which describes dynamics of spinning thin film including effects of all forces affecting the fluid on the fluid motion.

Areas of Interest:

Thin Films
Mathematical Modeling
Mathematical Biology


thin films, spin coating, mathematics modeling

Curriculum Vitae
ph: 919.660.2800
fax: 919.660.2821

Mathematics Department
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