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Publications [#330626] of Cynthia D. Rudin

Papers Published

  1. Wang, T; Rudin, C; Velez-Doshi, F; Liu, Y; Klampfl, E; Macneille, P, Bayesian rule sets for interpretable classification, Proceedings Ieee International Conference on Data Mining, Icdm (January, 2017), pp. 1269-1274, ISBN 9781509054725 [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/12/14)

    © 2016 IEEE. A Rule Set model consists of a small number of short rules for interpretable classification, where an instance is classified as positive if it satisfies at least one of the rules. The rule set provides reasons for predictions, and also descriptions of a particular class. We present a Bayesian framework for learning Rule Set models, with prior parameters that the user can set to encourage the model to have a desired size and shape in order to conform with a domain-specific definition of interpretability. We use an efficient inference approach for searching for the MAP solution and provide theoretical bounds to reduce computation. We apply Rule Set models to ten UCI data sets and compare the performance with other interpretable and non-interpretable models.
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