Publications [#340899] of Thomas P. Witelski

Papers Published

  1. BOWEN, M; WITELSKI, TP, Pressure-dipole solutions of the thin-film equation, European Journal of Applied Mathematics (April, 2018), pp. 1-42
    (last updated on 2019/05/19)

    Copyright © Cambridge University Press 2018 We investigate self-similar sign-changing solutions to the thin-film equation, ht = −(|h|nhxxx)x, on the semi-infinite domain x ≥ 0 with zero-pressure-type boundary conditions h = hxx = 0 imposed at the origin. In particular, we identify classes of first- and second-kind compactly supported self-similar solutions (with a free-boundary x = s(t) = Ltβ) and consider how these solutions depend on the mobility exponent n; multiple solutions can exist with the same number of sign changes. For n = 0, we also construct first-kind self-similar solutions on the entire half-line x ≥ 0 and show that they act as limiting cases for sequences of compactly supported solutions in the limit of infinitely many sign changes. In addition, at n = 1, we highlight accumulation point-like behaviour of sign-changes local to the moving interface x = s(t). We conclude with a numerical investigation of solutions to the full time-dependent partial differential equation (based on a non-local regularisation of the mobility coefficient) and discuss the computational results in relation to the self-similar solutions.