Yi Li, Graduate Student

Yi Li
Office Location:  274G Physics
Office Phone:  (919) 660-2821
Email Address: send me a message
Starting Year:   2008  
Advisor(s):   Anita T. Layton


PhDDuke University2008
BSNanjing University

Applied Math
Areas of Interest:

computational mathematics, fluid dynamics

Recent Publications

  1. Y. Li, Ioannis Sgouralis, and Anita T. Layton, Computing viscous flow in an elastic tube, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (Submitted, 2012)
  2. Y. Li, Sarah A. Williams, and Anita T. Layton, A hybrid immersed interface method for driven stokes flow in an elastic tube, Numerical Mathematics: Theory, Methods and Applications (Accepted, 2012)
  3. Y. Li and Anita T. Layton, Accurate computation of Stokes flow driven by an open immersed interface, J. Compute. Phys., vol. 231 no. 15 (2012), pp. 5195-5215