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Adar Ben-Eliyahu, Graduate Student    Edit

Adar Ben-Eliyahu

Research Summary:
Motivation Lab

Representative Publications:   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. O’Keefe, P. A., Ben-Eliyahu, A., & Linnenbrink-Garcia, L. (submitted). Effects of a mastery learning environment on achievement goals and self-worth: A multiphase study. Manuscript to be submitted to Journal of Educational Psychology.
  2. Birnbaum, D., Deeb, I., Segall, G., Ben-Eliyahu, A., & Diesendruck, G. (in press). The development of social essentialism: The case of Israeli children's inferences about Jews and Arabs. Child Development.
  3. Rosenbloom, T., Ben-Eliyahu, A., Nemrodov, D., Biegel, A., & Perlman, A. (2009). Committing driving violations: An observational study comparing city, town and village. Journal of Safety Research, 40, 215-219.
  4. Rosenbloom, T., Ben-Eliyahu, A., & Nemrodov, D. (2009). Self-concept and dangerous driving proclivity in male and female Israeli drivers. Social Behavior and Personality, 37, 539-544.
  5. Rosenbloom, T., Ben-Eliyahu, A., & Nemrodov, D. (2008). Children’s crossing behavior with an accompanying adult. Safety Science, 46, 1248-1254.

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