Anna Gassman-Pines, Associate Professor of Sanford School of Public Policy and Associate Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Faculty Research Scholar of DuPRI's Population Research Center and Affiliate of Center for Child and Family Policy

Anna Gassman-Pines
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Office Location:  234 Rubenstein Hall, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 613-7301
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Ph.D.New York University2007
M.A.New York University2004
B.A.Yale University1999

Psychology and Social Psychology
Poverty and Inequality
Child Development
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  1. Schenck-Fontaine, A; Gassman-Pines, A; Hill, Z (2017). Use of Informal Safety Nets during the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Benefit Cycle: How Poor Families Cope with Within-Month Economic Instability. Social Service Review, 91(3), 456-487. [doi]
  2. Ananat, EO; Gassman-Pines, A; Francis, DV; Gibson-Davis, CM (2017). Linking job loss, inequality, mental health, and education.. Science, 356(6343), 1127-1128. [doi]
  3. Schenck-Fontaine, A; Gassman-Pines, A; Gibson-Davis, CM; Ananat, EO (2017). Local Job Losses and Child Maltreatment: The Importance of Community Context. Social Service Review, 91(2), 233-263. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Gassman-Pines, A; Gibson-Davis, CM; Vernot, C; Butler, M; Hall, N; Taylor, L; Eastwood, K; Zhang, X (2017). They Should Say “I Don't”: Norms About Midpregnancy Marriage and Job Loss. Journal of Marriage and Family, 79(2), 405-418. [doi]
  5. Gassman-Pines, A; Skinner, AT (2017). Psychological Acculturation and Parenting Behaviors in Mexican-Immigrant Families. Journal of Family Issues, 0192513X1668700-0192513X1668700. [doi]