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Publications [#252023] of Ahmad Hariri

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Journal Articles

  1. Fisher, PM; Muñoz, KE; Hariri, AR (2008). Identification of neurogenetic pathways of risk for psychopathology.. American Journal of Medical Genetics. Part C, Seminars in Medical Genetics, 148C(2), 147-153. [18412103], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/05/22)

    Imaging genetics has been a highly effective and increasingly applied strategy for identifying the impact of genetic polymorphisms on individual differences in neural circuitry supporting complex behaviors. The application of imaging genetics towards further elucidating neural circuitry associated with the pathophysiology of psychiatric illness is of particular interest given its potential to guide the development and improvement of current therapeutic methods. The identification of genetic variants that contribute to or predict the disruption of specific neural pathways associated with psychopathology may also serve as useful markers of risk demarcating individuals with elevated susceptibility for psychiatric illness and affording early or even preemptive treatment strategies. In the continued development of this technique, recent multimodal neuroimaging strategies and studies examining the effects of multiple genes in concert within large subject populations have shown promise in the development of a more complete understanding of the interrelationships between genes, brain function, behavior and associated risk for psychopathology.

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