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Publications [#252078] of Ahmad Hariri

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Journal Articles

  1. Hariri, AR; Whalen, PJ (2011). The amygdala: Inside and out. F1000 Biology Reports, 3(1), 2. [21399763], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/05/26)

    Research at the interface of psychology, neuroscience, molecular biology, and genetics, focusing on the amygdala, has begun to reveal a rule book for emotional reactions. Variations in intrinsic and extrinsic factors tweak the sensitivity of the amygdala, giving rise to differences in behavior between individuals. At their most extreme, these variations may generate psychological disorders, and even our current rudimentary understanding of this brain region suggests novel strategies for the treatment of such disorders. © 2011 Faculty of 1000 Ltd.

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