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Publications [#291135] of Ahmad Hariri

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Journal Articles

  1. Scult, MA; Trampush, JW; Zheng, F; Conley, ED; Lencz, T; Malhotra, AK; Dickinson, D; Weinberger, DR; Hariri, AR (2015). A Common Polymorphism in SCN2A Predicts General Cognitive Ability through Effects on PFC Physiology.. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 27(9), 1766-1774. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/05/22)

    Here we provide novel convergent evidence across three independent cohorts of healthy adults (n = 531), demonstrating that a common polymorphism in the gene encoding the α2 subunit of neuronal voltage-gated type II sodium channels (SCN2A) predicts human general cognitive ability or "g." Using meta-analysis, we demonstrate that the minor T allele of a common polymorphism (rs10174400) in SCN2A is associated with significantly higher "g" independent of gender and age. We further demonstrate using resting-state fMRI data from our discovery cohort (n = 236) that this genetic advantage may be mediated by increased capacity for information processing between the dorsolateral PFC and dorsal ACC, which support higher cognitive functions. Collectively, these findings fill a gap in our understanding of the genetics of general cognitive ability and highlight a specific neural mechanism through which a common polymorphism shapes interindividual variation in "g."

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