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Publications [#275648] of Amir H. Rezvani

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Papers Published

  1. Chen, F; Rezvani, A; Jarrott, B; Lawrence, AJ (1997). [3H]zolpidem binding in alcohol-preferring and non-preferring rat brain.. Neuroscience Letters, 238(3), 103-106. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/06/17)

    The present study has employed in vitro autoradiography to study the distribution and density of [3H]zolpidem binding sites, which are regarded as an index of ethanol-sensitive gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA)A receptors, in the brains of alcohol-preferring Fawn-Hooded (FH) rats compared to non-alcohol preferring Wistar-Kyoto (WKY) rats. Binding of [3H]zolpidem showed a similar distribution profile in both rat strains examined and included cerebellum, globus pallidus, nucleus of the solitary tract and a number of midbrain/hindbrain nuclei. Densitometric quantitation of binding revealed that FH rats possessed a significantly higher density of [3H]zolpidem binding compared to WKY rats in cortical regions, substantia nigra pars reticulata and the ventral pallidum. These data indicate that FH rats may have an increased number of ethanol-sensitive GABA(A) receptors in regions intimately involved in reward processes, and may partially explain the alcohol-seeking nature of the FH rat.

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