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Publications [#288162] of Angela Vieth

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Journal Articles

  1. Vieth, AZ; Strauman, TJ; Kolden, GG; Woods, TE; Michels, JL; Klein, MH (2003). Self-System Therapy (SST): A Theory-based psychotherapy for depression. Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 10(3), 245-268. [doi]
    (last updated on 2021/04/20)

    This article introduces Self-System Therapy (SST), a brief, structured psychotherapy for the treatment of depression. SST conceptualizes depression as a failure of self-regulation and is intended for individuals whose depression and/or premorbid functioning are characterized by particular problems in self-regulation. This article provides an overview of SST, including its origins in basic and clinical research on self-discrepancy theory and self-regulation, the hypothesized etiological role of self-regulation in depression, the primary components of the treatment, and comparisons of SST with other psychotherapies for depression. The general structure of a course of treatment with SST is outlined, and a case example is presented to illustrate the goals and strategies of each phase. © 2003 American Psychological Association D12.

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