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Publications [#240424] of Brian Hare

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Journal Articles

  1. Rosati, AG; Hare, B (2009). Looking past the model species: diversity in gaze-following skills across primates.. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 19(1), 45-51. [19394214], [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/09/24)

    Primates must navigate complex social landscapes in their daily lives: gathering information from and about others, competing with others for food and mates, and cooperating to obtain rewards as well. Gaze-following often provides important clues as to what others see, know, or will do; using information about social attention is thus crucial for primates to be competent social actors. However, the cognitive bases of the gaze-following behaviors that primates exhibit appear to vary widely across species. The ultimate challenge of such analyses will therefore be to understand why such different cognitive mechanisms have evolved across species.

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