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Publications [#275498] of Candice L. Odgers

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Journal Articles

  1. Odgers, CL; Caspi, A; Nagin, DS; Piquero, AR; Slutske, WS; Milne, BJ; Dickson, N; Poulton, R; Moffitt, TE (2008). Is it important to prevent early exposure to drugs and alcohol among adolescents?. Psychological Science, 19(10), 1037-1044. [19000215], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/01/19)

    Exposure to alcohol and illicit drugs during early adolescence has been associated with poor outcomes in adulthood. However, many adolescents with exposure to these substances also have a history of conduct problems, which raises the question of whether early exposure to alcohol and drugs leads to poor outcomes only for those adolescents who are already at risk. In a 30-year prospective study, we tested whether there was evidence that early substance exposure can be a causal factor for adolescents' future lives. After propensity-score matching, early-exposed adolescents remained at an increased risk for a number of poor outcomes. Approximately 50% of adolescents exposed to alcohol and illicit drugs prior to age 15 had no conduct-problem history, yet were still at an increased risk for adult substance dependence, herpes infection, early pregnancy, and crime. Efforts to reduce or delay early substance exposure may prevent a wide range of adult health problems and should not be restricted to adolescents who are already at risk.

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