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Publications [#44579] of Daniel T Cerutti

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  1. D.T. Cerutti & E. D.Levin "Cognitive impairments models using complementary species." Methods in Neuroscience: Animal Models of Cognitive Impairment. Ed. Edward D. Levin and Jerry J. Buccafusco CRC Press, in press
    (last updated on 2006/01/03)

    Animal models of cognitive impairment are now available to study subtle behavioral effects of genetic and environmental variables. The single most important consideration in an animal model is its external validity. In the case of cognitive impairment, external validity is achieved to the extent to which the model’s behavioral and neural processes match the target’s. Modeling efforts concerned with cognitive impairments have stressed the use of rodents, but many other species afford similar behavioral complexity. In this article we examine work done with fish, fruit flies, and nematodes that complement rodent models. These species show a variety of learning and memory process with far higher throughput potential, and thus bear relevance to understanding mechanisms of cognitive impairment.

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