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Publications [#44580] of Daniel T Cerutti

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Journal Articles

  1. Jozefowiez, J., Cerutti, D. T., & Staddon, J. E. R. (in press). Timescale invariance and Weber’s law in in choice. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes.
    (last updated on 2006/01/03)

    Pigeons were exposed to concurrent schedules where reinforcement was alternately available at different times for each of two choices. In Experiment 1 (where reinforcement times progressed arithmetically) overall, but not relative, response rate was timescale invariant. In Experiment 2 (where reinforcement times progressed geometrically, hence were more spaced out) there was temporal control at all reinforcement times, but the amplitude of left-right response alternation decreased as time in trial increased. These results indicate that the temporal regulation of both overall and relative response rates conforms to Weber’s law although relative rate is heavily in uenced by processes other than timing. It also adds support to the idea that overall and relative response rate represent the operation of 2 independent processes.

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