Publications [#251612] of Philip R. Costanzo

Journal Articles

  1. Woody, EZ; Costanzo, PR; Liefer, H; Conger, J (1981). The effects of taste and caloric perceptions on the eating behavior of restrained and unrestrained subjects. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 5(4), 381-390.
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    The present study explored the phenomenon of counterregulatory eating in chronic dieters by manipulating taste and caloric-information cues of a preload and taste of subsequent ad lib food. The results replicated the "restraint breaking" phenomenon reported by Herman and Mack (1975) and supported the hypothesis that this behavioral pattern is cognitively mediated. In addition, sensitivity to taste was found in restrained subjects when their chronic restraints were bypassed. These results were related to previous eating research, and their implications for self-control and dieting were examined. © 1981 Plenum Publishing Corporation.