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Publications [#272977] of David B. Goldston

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Papers Published

  1. Goldston, DB; Reboussin, BA; Daniel, SS (2006). Predictors of suicide attempts: state and trait components.. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 115(4), 842-849. [17100542], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/03/20)

    The authors examined the state and trait components of 3 predictors of suicide attempts (depression, hopelessness, and anxiety), and their relationship to suicidal behavior. Self-report questionnaire and interview data from 180 adolescents enrolled in a prospective naturalistic study were analyzed. Between 23% and 30% of the variance in the predictors was attributable to subjects' trait levels of these variables; the trait, as well as the state, components of the predictor variables were interrelated; and trait levels of these variables were consistently related to suicide attempts. To reduce long-term risk of suicide attempts, clinicians should focus not only on reducing short-term distress but also on reducing individuals' more enduring patterns (trait levels) of negative affectivity.

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