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Edward C. Suarez, Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Research Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Affiliate of the Center for Biobehavioral Health Disparities Research

Edward C. Suarez
Contact Info:
Office Location:  4217B Hosp South, Durham, NC 27710
Office Phone:  (919) 684-8667, (919) 684-2941
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:  


M.A.Wake Forest University2015
Ph.D.University of Miami1986
Representative Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Suarez EC, Shiller AM, Kuhn CM, Schanberg SM, William Jr RB, Zimmerman EA: The relationship between hostility and beta-adrenergic receptor physiology in healthy young males. Psychosomatic Medicine 59: 481-487, 1997.
  2. Suarez, E.C., Harlan, E.S., & Peoples, M.C., & Williams, R.B. (1993). Cardiovascular and emotional responses in women: The role of hostility and harassment. Health Psychology, 12, 459-468..
  3. Suarez, E.C., Williams, R.B., Kuhn, C.M., Zimmerman, E. & Schanberg, S.M. (1991). Biobehavioral basis of coronary-prone behavior in middle-aged men, Part ((: Serum cholesterol, Type A behavior pattern, and hostility as interactive modulators of physiological reactivity. Psychosomatic Medicine, 53, 528-537..
  4. Suarez, E.C., Williams, R.B.: Situational determinants of cardiovascular and emotional reactivity in high and low hostile men. Psychosomatic Medicine 52: 404-418, 1989..
  5. Suarez EC, Sherwood A, Hinderliter AL: Hostility and adrenergic receptor responsiveness in high hostile men. Journal Psychosomatic Research (In press)..

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