Publications [#252792] of Elizabeth J. Marsh

Journal Articles

  1. Marsh, EJ; Edelman, G; Bower, GH (2001). Demonstrations of a generation effect in context memory.. Memory & Cognition, 29(6), 798-805.
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    Generation often leads to increased memorability within a laboratory context (see, e.g., Slamecka & Graf, 1978). Of interest in the present study is whether the benefits of generation extend beyond item memory to context memory. To investigate this question, in three experiments, we asked subjects to remember in which of two contexts they had read or generated words. In Experiment 1, the contexts were two different rooms; in Experiment 2A, the contexts were two different computer screens; in Experiment 2B, the contexts were different perceptual characteristics of the to-be-remembered words. In all experiments, subjects were better at remembering the context of generated words than of read words.