Publications [#185460] of Gary G. Bennett

Journal Articles

  1. Chae, D. H. and Takeuchi, D. T. and Barbeau, E. M. and Bennett, G. G. and Lindsey, J. C. and Stoddard, A. M. and Krieger, N. (2008). Alcohol disorders among Asian Americans: associations with unfair treatment, racial/ethnic discrimination, and ethnic identification (the national Latino and Asian Americans study, 2002-2003). J Epidemiol Community Health, 62, 973--979.
    (last updated on 2010/12/27)

    Social hazards such as unfair treatment and racial/ethnic discrimination should be considered in the development of programmes addressing alcohol disorders among Asian Americans. Interventions that promote ethnic identification in this population may be particularly relevant in mitigating the negative influence of racial/ethnic discrimination on alcohol disorders.