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Publications [#185495] of Gary G. Bennett


Journal Articles

  1. Lasane, T. P. and Howard, W. L. and Czopp, A. M. and Sweigard, P. N. and Bennett, G. G. and Carvajal, F. (1999). Hypermasculinity and academic goal-setting: an exploratory study. Psychol Rep, 85, 487--496.
    (last updated on 2010/12/27)

    The relation between gender-role percepts and academic goal-setting was explored. An inventory examining the aspects of masculinity that would facilitate or inhibit academic goal-setting was developed based on a literature review of how masculinity relates to academic behaviors. A diverse sample of students (120 male, 147 female, 14 not indicating sex) was measured on three aspects of sex and academic goal-setting behavior. Factor analysis confirmed the content validity of masculine factors having facilitative (Mastery Competitiveness) and inhibitory (Antisocial Competitiveness) academic properties. Regression analyses indicated that sex-role orientations (Competitiveness and Hypermasculinity) significantly predicted academic goal-setting behaviors (R2 = .136). Finally, men scored higher than women on the subscales measuring Hypermasculinity and Antisocial or Competitiveness, while there were no sex differences on the Mastery Competitiveness subscale. The implications of these findings and suggestions for research are discussed.

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