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Publications [#200795] of Gary G. Bennett


Journal Articles

  1. GG Bennett, KY Wolin, K Viswanath, S Askew, E Puleo, KM Emmons (2006). Television viewing and pedometer-determined physical activity among multiethnic residents of low-income housing.. American journal of public health, 96(9), 1681-5. [doi]
    (last updated on 2011/12/28)

    OBJECTIVE: We evaluated the association between television viewing and pedometer-determined physical activity among predominantly racial/ethnic minority residents of low-income housing in metropolitan Boston in 2005. METHODS: We used mixed models to analyze the association between reported hours of television viewing and pedometer-determined steps per day among 486 adults. We also examined whether television viewing was associated with the achievement of 10000 steps per day. RESULTS: There was a mean 3.6 hours of average daily television watching. In multivariable analyses, each hour of television viewing on an average day was associated with 144 (95% confidence interval [CI]= -276, -12) fewer steps per day and a decreased likelihood of accumulating 10,000 steps per day (odds ratio [OR]=0.84; 95% CI=0.71, 0.99). Weekday and weekend television viewing were each also associated with fewer steps per day. CONCLUSIONS: Average daily television viewing was associated with reductions in total pedometer-determined physical activity levels (approximately 520 steps per day) in this lower-income sample. As part of a comprehensive physical activity promotion plan, recommendations to reduce television viewing should be made.

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