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Publications [#324095] of Gary G. Bennett


Journal Articles

  1. Chandler, PD; Agboola, F; Ng, K; Scott, JB; Drake, BF; Bennett, GG; Chan, AT; Hollis, BW; Emmons, KM; Fuchs, CS; Giovannucci, EL (2015). Reduction of Parathyroid Hormone with Vitamin D Supplementation in Blacks: A Randomized Controlled Trial.. BMC Nutrition, 1. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/05/21)

    Response of parathyroid hormone (PTH) to vitamin D supplementation is determined by the baseline PTH level and change in vitamin D status. Conflicting reports in Blacks exist on the PTH response to vitamin D to supplementation.During 3 winters from 2007-2010, 328 healthy Blacks (median age, 51 years) living in Boston, MA were randomized into a 4-arm, double-blind trial for 3 months of placebo, 1000, 2000, or 4000 IU of vitamin D3. PTH was measured in 254 participants at baseline and at the end of vitamin D supplementation period.The differences in PTH between baseline and 3 months were 3.93 pg/mL for those receiving placebo, -3.37 pg/mL for those receiving 1000 IU/d, -6.76 pg/mL for those receiving 2000 IU/d, and -8.99 pg/mL for those receiving 4000 IU/d ( -2.98 pg/mL for each additional 1000 IU/d of vitamin D3; p<0.001).We found a significant decrease in PTH with increasing doses of vitamin D supplementation up to intakes of 4000 IU/d in Blacks. Clinical NCT00585637.

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