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Research Interests for Gavan J. Fitzsimons

Research Interests: Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Consumer Behavior

Adult, Affect, Behavior Control, Humans, Intention, Models, Psychological, Policy, Questionnaires, Rationalization, Social Behavior, Students, Unconscious (Psychology)
Recent Publications   (search)
  1. Gaustad, T; Samuelsen, BM; Warlop, L; Fitzsimons, GJ, The perils of self-brand connections: Consumer response to changes in brand meaning, Psychology and Marketing, vol. 35 no. 11 (November, 2018), pp. 818-829, WILEY [doi[abs].
  2. Gaustad, T; Utgård, J; Fitzsimons, GJ, When accidents are good for a brand, Journal of Business Research (October, 2018), Elsevier BV [doi[abs].
  3. Erratum, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 44 no. 5 (February, 2018), pp. 1174-1174, Oxford University Press (OUP) [doi].
  4. Acikalin, MY; Watson, KK; Fitzsimons, GJ; Platt, ML, Rhesus macaques form preferences for brand logos through sex and social status based advertising., Plos One, vol. 13 no. 2 (January, 2018), pp. e0193055 [doi[abs].
  5. Wu, F; Samper, A; Morales, AC; Fitzsimons, GJ, It’s Too Pretty to Use! When and How Enhanced Product Aesthetics Discourage Usage and Lower Consumption Enjoyment, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 44 no. 3 (October, 2017), pp. 651-672, Oxford University Press (OUP) [doi].

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