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Geraldine Dawson, William Cleland Professor of Psychiatry, Child & Family Mental Health & Developmental Neuroscience and Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and Pediatrics and Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Psychiatry, Child & Family Mental Health & Developmental Neuroscience and Director of Duke Institute for Brain Sciences and Affiliate, Duke Global Health Institute of Duke Global Health Institute and Affi

Geraldine Dawson
Contact Info:
Office Location:  Pavilion East at Lakeview, 2608 Erwin Road, Room 3126, Duke University Med Cente
Office Phone:  (919) 668-0070
Email Address:   send me a message
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Ph.D.University of Washington1979

Developmental Psychology
Recent Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Davlantis, KS; Estes, A; Dawson, G; Rogers, SJ (2019). A novel method for measuring learning opportunities provided by parents to young children with autism spectrum disorder.. Autism, 23(6), 1563-1574. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Sabatos-DeVito, M; Murias, M; Dawson, G; Howell, T; Yuan, A; Marsan, S; Bernier, RA; Brandt, CA; Chawarska, K; Dzuira, JD; Faja, S; Jeste, SS; Naples, A; Nelson, CA; Shic, F; Sugar, CA; Webb, SJ; McPartland, JC; Autism Biomarkers Consortium for Clinical Trials, (2019). Methodological considerations in the use of Noldus EthoVision XT video tracking of children with autism in multi-site studies.. Biol Psychol, 146, 107712. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Carpenter, KLH; Baranek, GT; Copeland, WE; Compton, S; Zucker, N; Dawson, G; Egger, HL (2019). Sensory Over-Responsivity: An Early Risk Factor for Anxiety and Behavioral Challenges in Young Children.. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 47(6), 1075-1088. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Amaral, DG; Anderson, GM; Bailey, A; Bernier, R; Bishop, S; Blatt, G; Canal-Bedia, R; Charman, T; Dawson, G; de Vries, PJ; Dicicco-Bloom, E; Dissanayake, C; Kamio, Y; Kana, R; Khan, NZ; Knoll, A; Kooy, F; Lainhart, J; Levitt, P; Loveland, K; Minshew, N; Mueller, R-A; Murphy, D; Mundy, P; Palencia, S; Pinto-Martin, J; Rattazzi, A; Rogers, S; Stone, WL; Webb, SJ; Whitehouse, A (2019). Gaps in Current Autism Research: The Thoughts of the Autism Research Editorial Board and Associate Editors.. Autism Res, 12(5), 700-714. [doi]
  5. Ressler, B; Noldner, P; Meadows, N; Rudisill, A; Cheatham, L; Waters-Pick, B; Dawson, G; Sun, J; Kurtzberg, J "Meeting the demands of msc production for clinical studies."  Elsevier BV, May, 2019: S81-S82. [doi]

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