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Publications [#272534] of John A. Fairbank

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Papers Published

  1. Pfefferbaum, B; Maida, CA; Steinberg, AM; Beaton, RD; Pynoos, RS; Fairbank, JA; Brymer, MJ; Kurklinsky, AK (2010). Enhancing national capacity to conduct child and family disaster mental health research.. Nursing Education Perspectives, 31(4), 237-241. [20882865]
    (last updated on 2018/12/14)

    A substantial number of children and families experience emotional difficulties in the aftermath of disasters and terrorist events. Only recently has training in disaster preparedness and response been systematically incorporated into the curricula of mental health disciplines. The goal of the Child & Family Disaster Research Training & Education Program is to enhance the nation's capacity and infrastructure needed to conduct rigorous disaster mental health research on children and families. This article describes the creation and training of 10 specialized research teams, curriculum development, implementation of the program, and progress to date as well as lessons learned and challenges to sustainability.

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