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Publications [#271516] of Elizabeth J. Costello

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Journal Articles

  1. Phillips, SD; Erkanli, A; Jane Costello, E; Angold, A (2012). Differences among children whose mothers have been in contact with the criminal justice system, 43-62. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/05/19)

    In order to effectively help children whose mothers become involved with the criminal justice system, it is important to understand their differing needs. To that end, the analyses described in this article explore the heterogeneity in parent and family risks among a group of children whose mothers had contact with the criminal justice system. Using data from an epidemiologic study of youth, results showed that the two most prevalent problems in the backgrounds of this group of youth were poverty (61.5%) and maternal mental health problems (54.9%). But, results of cluster analyses suggest this group is actually made up of four meaningfully different subgroups: (1) children with only isolated risks, (2) children with histories of abuse, (3) children who have multiple parents/caregivers with histories of drug abuse and/or mental health problems, and (4) children whose parents have few problems, but who are living in economically deprived, single-parent households. © 2006 by The Haworth Press, Inc. All rights reserved.

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