Publications [#251901] of Jean Hamilton

Journal Articles

  1. Hamilton, ; A, J; Alagna, G; J, S (1990). Problematic aspects of diagnosing premenstrual phase dysphoria: Recommendations for psychological research and practice. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 21(1), 60-68.
    (last updated on 2022/01/22)

    A gender-specific psychiatric diagnosis, named after an aspect of normal menstrual cycle physiology ("Late Luteal Phase" Dysphoric Disorder, or LLPD), is currently being considered for full diagnostic status in the upcoming catalog of psychiatric disorders, the DSM-IV. Psychologists have had surprisingly little voice in the ongoing debate about LLPD, despite the severe methodological difficulties involved in establishing reliability and validity for the proposed diagnosis. To stimulate research contributions by psychologists, we discuss the risks for over- and underdiagnosis, identify gaps in knowledge, and highlight specific empirical questions that require attention if the debate is to be informed by assessments with demonstrated and acceptable levels of reliability and validity.