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Publications of Jeffrey C Valentine    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Peer-reviewed journal articles published

  1. Valentine, J.C., DuBois, D.L., & Cooper, H (2004). The relations between self-beliefs and academic achievement: A meta-analytic review. Educational Psychologist, 39, 111-133.  [abs]
  2. Cooper, H., Valentine, J.C., Charlton, K., & Melson, A. (2003). The effects of modified school calendars on student achievement and school community attitudes: A research synthesis. Review of Educatonal Research, 73, 1-52.  [abs]
  3. Conn, V.S., Valentine, J.C., Cooper, H., & Rantz, M.J (2003). Grey literature in meta-analysis?. Nursing Research, 52, 256-261.
  4. Valentine, J.C., Cooper, H., Bettencourt, B.A., & DuBois, D.L (2002). Out of school activities and academic achievement: The mediating role of self-beliefs. Educational Psychologist, 37, 245-256.  [abs]
  5. Conn, V., Valentine, J.C., & Cooper, H (2002). Interventions to increase physical activity among aging adults: A meta-analysis. Annals of Behavioral Medicine, 24, 190-200.
  6. DuBois, D.L., Holloway, B.E., Valentine, J.C., & Cooper, H (2002). Effectivenes of mentoring programs for youth: A meta-analytic review. American Journal of Community Psychology, 30, 159-197.
  7. Cooper, H. & Valentine, J.C (2001). Using research to answer practical questions about homework. Educational Psychologist, 36, 143-154.
  8. Valentine, J.C., Blankenship, V.B., Cooper, H., & Sullins, E.S (2001). Interpersonal expectancy effects and the preference for consistency. Representative Research in Social Psychology, 25, 26-33.
  9. Van Matre, J.C., Valentine, J.C., & Cooper, H (2000). The effect of after-school activities on teachers academic expectancies. Contemporary Educational Psychology, 25, 167-183.
  10. Cooper, H., Valentine, J.C., Nye, B., & Lindsay, J.J. (1999). Relationship Between Five After-School Activities and Academic Achievement. Journal of Educational Psychology, 91, 369-378.

Peer-reviewed journal articles accepted

  1. Bettencourt, B. A., Talley, A., Benjamin, A. J., & Valentine, J. C (in press). Individual differences and aggression under provoking and neutral conditions: A meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin.
  2. Flay, B. R., Biglan, A., Boruch, R. F., Gonz├ílez Castro, F., Gottfredson, D., Kellam, S., Mościcki, E. K., Scheinke, S., Valentine, J. C., & Ji, P (in press). Standards of evidence: Criteria for efficacy, effectiveness, and dissemination. Prevention Science.  [abs]


  1. Cooper, H., Charlton, K., Valentine, J.C. & Muhlenbruck, L. (2000). Making the Most of Summer School: A Meta-Analytic and Narrative Review. Monographs on Child Development. Malden, MA: Blackwell Press.

Articles Submitted

  1. Bettencourt, B.A., Talley, A., Benjamin, A.J., & Valentine, J.C (2005). Individual differences and aggression under provoking and neutral conditions: A meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin. (invited resubmission).
  2. Valentine, J. C., & McHugh, C (2005). The effects of attrition on baseline comparability in randomized experiments in education: A meta-analysis. Psychological Methods. (invited resubmission).  [abs]

Book chapters

  1. Valentine, J.C. & Cooper, H "Can we measure the quality of causal research in education?." Experimental methods for educational interventions: Prospects, pitfalls and perspectives. Ed. G. Phye, D.H. Robinson, & J. Levin Academic Press, 2005: 85-112.
  2. Valentine, J.C. & DuBois, D.L "Effects of self-beliefs on academic achievement and vice versa: Separating the chicken from the egg." International Advances in Self Research, Vol. 2. Ed. H. Marsh & R. Craven Information Age, 2005: 53-75.
  3. Anderson, C.A., Carnagey, N.L., Flanagan, M., Benjamin, A.J., Eubanks, J., & Valentine, J.C. "Violent video games: Specific effects of violent context on aggressive thoughts and behavior." Advances in experimental social psychology. Ed. M. Zanna Elsevier, 2004: 199-249.
  4. Valentine, J. C. & Cooper, H. "Systematic research synthesis on motivation." Advances in motivation and achievement. Ed. M. Maehr & P. Pintrich New York: Elsevier Science Ltd, 2001: 319-348.

Peer-reviewed journal articles under review

  1. Valentine, J. C. & McHugh, C. M. (2005). The effects of attrition on baseline group comparability in randomized experiments in education: A meta-analysis.


  1. Valentine, J.C (2005). A comprehensive research agenda for single sex schooling.  [author's comments]

Other scholarly work submitted

  1. Valentine, J. C. & Cooper, H "What Works Clearinghouse Study Design and Implementation Assessment Device (version 1.0)."  Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Education, 2003  [abs]
  2. Cooper, H., & Valentine, J.C. [Eds.] "Homework."  Ed. Cooper, H, & Valentine, J.C. 2001  [author's comments]

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