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Publications [#274085] of Scott H. Kollins

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Journal Articles

  1. Kollins, SH; McClernon, FJ; Van Voorhees, EE (2010). Monetary incentives promote smoking abstinence in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 18(3), 221-228. [20545386], [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/10/21)

    Individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) smoke at rates significantly higher than the general population and have more difficulty quitting than nondiagnosed individuals. Currently, there are no evidence-based approaches for reducing smoking specifically in individuals with ADHD. Adult regular smokers with or without ADHD participated in a study of extended smoking withdrawal where monetary incentives were used to promote abstinence. Participants were paid according to an escalating schedule for maintaining abstinence measured as self-report of no smoking and an expired air carbon monoxide (CO) level of

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