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Publications [#256074] of Linda K. George

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Papers Published

  1. Swartz, MS; Blazer, DG; George, LK; Winfield, I; Zakris, J; Dye, E (1989). Identification of borderline personality disorder with the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule.. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 146(2), 200-205. [2643363], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/04/21)

    No lay-administered interviews are currently available to identify persons with borderline personality disorder. The authors studied 79 subjects with the NIMH Diagnostic Interview Schedule (DIS), a lay-administered interview, and the Diagnostic Interview for Borderline Patients (DIB) and used the results to construct a DIS-based diagnostic index to identify borderline personality disorder. Using the clinician-administered DIB as the diagnostic standard, the authors found that the DIS borderline index had a sensitivity of 85.7%, a specificity of 86.2%, and a kappa of 0.67. The DIS borderline index is a promising extension of the DIS that will facilitate studies of borderline personality disorder in clinical and community settings.

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