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Publications [#52425] of Elizabeth L. Garcia

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Journal Articles

  1. Linnenbrink, E.A (2006). Emotion research in education: Theoretical and methodological perspectives on the integration of affect, motivation, and cognition. Educational Psychology Review, 18, 307-314.
    (last updated on 2006/12/29)

    This special issue was organized with the intent to highlight critical research being conducted on affect in education as well as to highlight potential areas for future research. Each of the manuscripts included in this special issue highlight the contributing authors’ program of research, with an emphasis on the theoretical basis for their work and the methodologies they employ. The authors also consider how to integrate affect, motivation, and cognition and discuss methodological challenges to investigating affect in educational settings. Finally, the authors consider the role of affect in education, making specific suggestions for practice as well as more general suggestions for theory development.

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