Publications [#334858] of Marc A. Sommer

Papers Published

  1. Tehovnik, EJ; Sommer, MA (1996). Compensatory saccades made to remembered targets following orbital displacement by electrically stimulating the dorsomedial frontal cortex or frontal eye fields of primates.. Brain Research, 727(1-2), 221-224.
    (last updated on 2019/10/21)

    If the eye-position signal during visually-evoked saccades is dependent on the dorsomedial frontal cortex (DMFC), one would expect that saccades generated to briefly presented visual targets would be disrupted after displacement of the eyes via electrical stimulation of this cortical area. Compared are compensatory saccades evoked to brief targets following stimulation of the DMFC and frontal eye fields (FEF). Compensatory saccades produced to brief targets following perturbation via the DMFC were not affected. Accordingly, electrical stimulation of the DMFC does not disrupt the eye-position signal during the execution of visually-evoked saccades.