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Publications [#254319] of Michael A. Wallach

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Journal Articles

  1. Wallach, MA; Kogan, N; Burt, RB (1968). Are risk takers more persuasive than conservatives in group discussion?. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 4(1), 76-88. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/06/16)

    This study investigated whether the phenomenon of shifts toward greater risk taking following discussion of risk-related materials can be attributed to greater general persuasiveness exerted by risk takers than by conservatives. Its procedure was to discover whether risk takers would be judged more persuasive than conservatives following discussion of risk-neutral materials. In the case of female discussion groups risk takers were judged slightly more persuasive than conservatives, but not at all in the case of male groups. Our conclusion was that the risky-shift phenomenon cannot be attributed to greater persuasiveness as a general characteristic of high-risk takers in male groups, and that this factor can play no more than a small role in female groups. © 1968.

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