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Publications [#154479] of Nancy E Hill

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Journal Articles

  1. Ceballo, R. Chao, R. K., Hill, N. E., Le, H., Murry, V. M., & Pinderhughes, E. E. (2008). Excavating Culture: Summary of results. Applied Developmental Science, 12(4).
    (last updated on 2009/01/05)

    This is a companion paper to the seven articles also published in this special issue of Applied Developmental Science. This paper summarizes and discusses the results from common analyses that were conducted on different datasets. The common analyses were designed to disentangle contextual and ethnic influences on parenting. Initial ethnic group differences were found in many of the datasets with multiple ethnic groups. Although certain ethnic group differences were explained by contextual influences, some ethnic group differences remained after contextual influences were controlled. Follow-up analyses with datasets containing cultural variables reveal within group differences in the degree to which ethnic differences in parenting may be accounted for by contextual factors versus culturally-specific processes. Methodological and theoretical implications are discussed and future directions are offered.

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