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Publications [#38786] of Nancy E Hill

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Articles Submitted

  1. Hill, N. E., & Adams, J. D. (2006). Socioeconomic context and parenting among African American and Euro-American families. Developmental Psychology.
    (last updated on 2006/12/27)

    Parenting is best understood within the broader context of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, and history. Whereas numerous studies have examined ethnic and socioeconomic variations in parenting, few studies have considered the unique and interactive effects of ethnicity and socioeconomic status on parenting and socioeconomic variations in parenting within ethnic groups. The present study examined the extent to which socioeconomic indicators are similarly related to parenting across ethnicity and the extent to which correlates of SES, such as stress, risk, and neighborhood safety moderated the relations between SES and parenting using a longitudinal sample of African American and Euro-American families (N=86) with children in early elementary school. This sample was unique in that the African American and Euro-American samples reflected a range of socioeconomic backgrounds and were comparable on many socioeconomic indicators, thereby reducing the confound between SES and ethnicity. SES was related to parenting, but the relations differed across ethnicity, and stress, risk and neighborhood safety moderated the relations between SES and parenting.

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