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Publications [#52332] of Nancy E Hill

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Journal Articles

  1. Huynh-Nhu Le, Rosario Ceballo, Ruth Chao, Nancy E. Hill, (2008). Excavating Culture: Disentangling Ethnic Differences from Contextual Influences in Parenting. Applied Developmental Science, 12(4), 1-68.
    (last updated on 2009/01/05)

    Historically, much of the research on parenting has not disentangled the influences of race/ethnicity, SES, and culture on family functioning and the development of children and adolescents. This special issue addresses this gap by disentangling ethnic differences in parenting behaviors from their contextual influences, thereby deepening understanding of parenting processes in diverse families. Six members of the Parenting section of the Study Group on Race, Culture and Ethnicity (SGRCE) introduce and implement a novel approach toward understanding this question. The goal of this project is to study culturally related processes and the degree to which they predict parenting. An iterative process was derived to delineate the main parenting constructs (emotional warmth and support, psychological and behavioral control, monitoring, communication, and self-efficacy), cultural processes, and contextual influences, and to coordinate a data analytic plan utilizing individual datasets with diverse samples to answer the research questions. Results are summarized across datasets, revealing both between and within group differences in the degree to which ethnic differences in parenting may be accounted for by contextual factors versus culturally-specific processes. Methodological and theoretical implications are discussed. Ana Mari Cauce concludes with a commentary on this project, encouraging ways to increase scientific understanding of the linkages among ethnicity, culture, context and parenting.

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