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Publications of Patricia Bauer    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:

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Journal Articles

  1. P. Bauer (2005). Developments in declarative memory: Decreasing susceptibility to storage failure over the second year of life. Psychological Science, 16, 41-47.
  2. P. Bauer, S. Wiebe, L. Carver, A. Lukowski, J. Waters, & C. Nelson (2005). Electrophysiological indices of encoding and behavioral indices of recall: Examining relations and developmental change late in the first year of life. Developmental Neuropsychology, in press.
  3. T. DeBoer, S. Wewerka, P. Bauer, M. Georgieff, & C. Nelson (2005). Explicit memory performance in infants of diabetic mothers at 1 year of age. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, in press.
  4. D. Van Abbema & P. Bauer (2005). Autobiographical memory in middle childhood: Recollections of the recent and distant past. Memory, in press.
  5. P. Bauer (2004). Getting explicit memory off the ground: Steps toward construction of a neuro-developmental account of changes in the first two years of life. Developmental Review, 24, 347-373.
  6. M. Burch, J. Austin, & P. Bauer (2004). Understanding the emotional past: Relations between parent and child contributions in emotionally negative and nonnegative events. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 89, 276-297.
  7. P. Bauer, L. Stennes, & J. Haight (2003). Representation of the inner self in autobiography: Women's and men's use of internal states language in personal narratives. Memory, 11, 27-42.

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