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Publications [#277187] of Redford B. Williams

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Journal Articles

  1. Poon, LW; Peterson, E; Williams, RB; Thompson, LW; Burdette, LJ (1980). Relationship between cortical alpha and skeletal muscle blood flow in a feedback task. Physiology & Behavior, 24(3), 617-619.
    (last updated on 2019/04/21)

    During operant control of forearm blood flow (FBF) cortical alpha was recorded. A significant inverse relationship was found between FBF and alpha activity. Decreased FBF was associated with increased alpha. One possible reason that several investigators found spurious relationships between alpha and 2 other cardiovascular parameters, heart rate and blood pressure, is that the range of response for HR and BF is relatively restricted compared to that of alpha. © 1980.

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