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Publications [#277240] of Redford B. Williams

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Journal Articles

  1. Williams, RB; Williams, VP (2011). Adaptation and implementation of an evidence-based behavioral medicine program in diverse global settings: The Williams LifeSkills experience. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 1(2), 303-312. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/04/18)

    Epidemiological research has documented the health-damaging effects of psychosocial factors like hostility, depression, anxiety, job stress, social isolation and low socioeconomic status. Several studies suggest that behavioral interventions can reduce levels of these psychosocial factors. Herein we describe the translational process whereby the Williams LifeSkills® (WLS ®) program and products for reducing psychosocial risk factors have been developed and tested in clinical trials in the U. S. and Canada and then adapted for other cultures and tested in clinical trials in other countries around the world. Evidence from published controlled and observational trials of WLS ® products in the U. S. and elsewhere shows that persons receiving coping skills training using WLS ® products have consistently reported reduced levels of psychosocial risk factors. In two controlled trials, one for caregivers of a relative with Alzheimer's Disease in the U. S. and one for coronary bypass surgery patients in Singapore, WLS ® training also produced clinically significant blood pressure reductions. In conclusion, WLS ® products have been shown in controlled and observational trials to produce reduced levels of both psychosocial and cardiovascular stress indices. Ongoing research has the potential to show that WLS ® products can be an effective vehicle for the delivery of stress reduction and mental health services in developing countries. © 2011 Society of Behavioral Medicine.

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