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Richard P. Larrick, Hanes Corporation Foundation Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience and Faculty Network Member of The Energy Initiative

Richard P. Larrick
Contact Info:
Office Location:  A315 Fuqua Sch of Bus, Durham, NC 27708
Office Phone:  (919) 660-4076
Email Address:   send me a message
Web Page:

Teaching (Fall 2017):

  • Managemt 542q.10a, Communication & collaboration Synopsis
    Fuqua for, MTh 12:30 PM-02:45 PM
  • Managemt 542q.10b, Communication & collaboration Synopsis
    Fuqua for, MTh 09:00 AM-11:15 AM
  • Managemt 543q.20a, Navigating organizations Synopsis
    Fuqua dansby, MTh 12:30 PM-02:45 PM
  • Managemt 543q.20b, Navigating organizations Synopsis
    Fuqua dansby, MTh 09:00 AM-11:15 AM

Ph.D.University of Michigan at Ann Arbor1991
M.A.University of Michigan at Ann Arbor1989
B.A.College of William and Mary1986
Research Interests: Individual and Group Decision Making, Motivation, Social Perception, Behavioral Approaches to Energy and the Environment Decisions

Areas of Interest:

Individual, group, and organizational decision making
Behavioral approaches to energy and environment decisions
Social perception

Curriculum Vitae
Recent Publications   (More Publications)   (search)

  1. Rader, CA; Larrick, RP; Soll, JB (2017). Advice as a form of social influence: Informational motives and the consequences for accuracy. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 11(8), e12329-e12329. [doi]
  2. de Langhe, B; Puntoni, S; Larrick, R (2017). Linear thinking in a nonlinear world: The obvious choice is often wrong. Harvard Business Review, 2017(July-August).
  3. Tang, S; Morewedge, CM; Larrick, RP; Klein, JG (2017). Disloyalty aversion: Greater reluctance to bet against close others than the self. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 140, 1-13. [doi]
  4. Aribarg, A; Burson, KA; Larrick, RP (2017). Tipping the Scale: The Role of Discriminability in Conjoint Analysis. Journal of Marketing Research, 54(2), 279-292. [doi]
  5. De Langhe, B; Puntoni, S; Larrick, R (2017). LINEAR THINKING IN A NONLINEAR WORLD. Harvard Business Review, 95(3), 130-139.

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