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Publications of Margarita L. Svetlova    :chronological  alphabetical  combined  bibtex listing:


Journal Articles

  1. Corbit, J; Callaghan, T; Svetlova, M (2020). Toddlers' costly helping in three societies.. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 195, 104841. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Kachel, U; Svetlova, M; Tomasello, M (2019). Three- and 5-year-old children's understanding of how to dissolve a joint commitment.. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 184, 34-47. [doi]  [abs]
  3. Kachel, U; Svetlova, M; Tomasello, M (2018). Three-Year-Olds' Reactions to a Partner's Failure to Perform Her Role in a Joint Commitment.. Child Development, 89(5), 1691-1703. [doi]  [abs]
  4. Schmidt, MFH; Svetlova, M; Johe, J; Tomasello, M (2016). Children's developing understanding of legitimate reasons for allocating resources unequally. Cognitive Development, 37, 42-52. [doi]  [abs]
  5. Gross, RL; Drummond, J; Satlof-Bedrick, E; Waugh, WE; Svetlova, M; Brownell, CA (2015). Individual differences in toddlers' social understanding and prosocial behavior: disposition or socialization?. Frontiers in Psychology, 6, 600. [doi]  [abs]
  6. Brownell, CA; Iesue, SS; Nichols, SR; Svetlova, M (2013). Mine or yours? Development of sharing in toddlers in relation to ownership understanding.. Child Development, 84(3), 906-920. [doi]  [abs]
  7. Brownell, CA; Svetlova, M; Anderson, R; Nichols, SR; Drummond, J (2013). Socialization of Early Prosocial Behavior: Parents' Talk about Emotions is Associated with Sharing and Helping in Toddlers.. Infancy, 18, 91-119. [doi]  [abs]
  8. Decety, J; Svetlova, M (2012). Putting together phylogenetic and ontogenetic perspectives on empathy.. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 2(1), 1-24. [doi]  [abs]
  9. Svetlova, M; Nichols, SR; Brownell, CA (2010). Toddlers' prosocial behavior: from instrumental to empathic to altruistic helping.. Child Development, 81(6), 1814-1827. [doi]  [abs]
  10. Nichols, SR; Svetlova, M; Brownell, CA (2010). Toddlers' understanding of peers' emotions.. The Journal of Genetic Psychology, 171(1), 35-53. [doi]  [abs]
  11. Nichols, SR; Svetlova, M; Brownell, CA (2009). The role of social understanding and empathic disposition in young children's responsiveness to distress in parents and peers.. Cognition, Brain, Behavior : an Interdisciplinary Journal, 13(4), 449-478.  [abs]
  12. Brownell, CA; Svetlova, M; Nichols, S (2009). To share or not to share: When do toddlers respond to another's needs?. Infancy, 14(1), 117-130. [doi]  [abs]

Chapters in Books

  1. Svetlova, M; Carpenter, M "Social Development." The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Child Development. Ed. Hopkins, B; Geangu, E; Linkenauger, S Cambridge University Press, October, 2017: 415-423.  [abs]

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