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Publications [#135950] of Clive J Robins

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Papers Published

  1. CJ Robins, P Block, ED Peselow (1989). Relations of sociotropic and autonomous personality characteristics to specific symptoms in depressed patients.. Journal of abnormal psychology, 98(1), 86-8.
    (last updated on 2013/07/01)

    A number of writers have suggested that two sets of personality characteristics are associated both with vulnerabilities to depression in response to different classes of events and with different clinical presentations of depression. The present study examined the relations between levels of sociotropic and autonomous personality characteristics and specific, theoretically derived clusters of symptoms in 80 unipolar depressed patients. As was predicted, sociotropy was related to the cluster of symptoms associated with the concept of anxious-reactive depression and was unrelated to the autonomous symptoms cluster. In contrast, the predicted relations of autonomous personality characteristics and symptoms were not found. These results support the idea that the symptom picture in depression may be related to personality characteristics, but they also suggest that the measurement of autonomy may require revision.

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