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Publications [#135954] of Clive J Robins

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Papers Published

  1. CJ Robins, P Block, ED Peselow (1990). Endogenous and non-endogenous depressions: relations to life events, dysfunctional attitudes and event perceptions.. The British journal of clinical psychology / the British Psychological Society, ENGLAND, 29 ( Pt 2), 201-7.
    (last updated on 2002/11/22)

    A comparison was made between endogenous and non-endogenous depressed patients on several characteristics on which they traditionally have been asserted to differ, and which play important roles in cognitive approaches to depression. The non-endogenous patients reported more dysfunctional attitudes and a greater number of recent life events than did endogenous patients. These results support the distinction between endogenous and non-endogenous depressions, and suggest that cognitive theories of aetiology may be more relevant for the latter group. However, both groups perceived their recent upsetting events in relatively maladaptive ways, consistent with the idea that biased perceptions are more related to the depressive state, whereas dysfunctional attitudes may represent a trait vulnerability.

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