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Curriculum Vitae

Mark Z. Rosenthal

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Box 3026 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710 (919) 684-6702 (office)

Ph.D.University of Nevada at Reno2002
Recent Grant Support

  • Development of an Intervention for Misophonia, The REAM Foundation, 2018/07-2021/06.      
  • Evaluating the impact of an emotion regulation intervention on emotion perception, National Institutes of Health, 2018/09-2020/09.      
  • Generalizing Mindful Emotion Regulation, Mind & Life Institute, 2017/12-2019/12.      
  • Neuromodulation Enhanced Cognitive Restructuring for Emotion Dysregulation: A Proof of Concept Study, Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, 2016/01-2019/01.      
  • Strengthening Instrumental Extinction to Prevent Smoking Relapse, National Institutes of Health, 2015/02-2018/01.      
  • Evaluating a Novel Method of Generalizing Emotion Regulation, National Institutes of Health, 2012/07-2017/05.      
Publications (listed separately)

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