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Publications [#325761] of Mark Z. Rosenthal

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Papers Published

  1. Neacsiu, AD; Fang, CM; Rodriguez, M; Rosenthal, MZ (2018). Suicidal Behavior and Problems with Emotion Regulation.. Suicide & Life Threatening Behavior, 48(1), 52-74. [doi]
    (last updated on 2018/12/19)

    We examined in two independent samples whether: (1) difficulties with emotion regulation predict suicide ideation and (2) depressed adults with a history of attempting suicide report and exhibit more emotion dysregulation compared to healthy and depressed controls. Difficulties with emotional clarity and relationship status were significant predictors of suicide ideation (Study 1). In Study 2, when compared to controls, depressed attempters reported significantly more difficulties with emotional clarity and emotional impulsivity. Attempters had significantly more difficulty than controls returning to heart rate baseline following a stressful task. Problems with emotions are therefore differentially connected to suicidal behaviors.

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