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Publications [#257498] of Lynn Smith-Lovin

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Articles and Chapters

  1. Wilson, KL; Smith-Lovin, L "Scaling the prestige, authority, and income potential of college curricula."  Elsevier BV, January, 1983: 159-186. [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/04/22)

    This paper develops the concept of "targeted education," a theoretical ranking of college curricula, into a multidimensional framework. The new scales, based on the traditional stratification dimensions, prestige, authority, and income, are then used in a study of sex differences in the process of occupational achievement among men and women with college degrees. The targeted education scales predict occupational prestige and wages 7 years after the college degree, and they point out interesting differences between male and female attainment processes. In general, targeted education has a greater quantitative impact for men's occupational outcomes than for women's prestige and income, but results also suggest significant qualitative differences between men and women. A large proportion of women target their education toward, and end up in, an under-employed labor pool for the primary and secondary school system. © 1983.

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