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Publications [#277612] of Nancy L. Zucker

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Papers Published

  1. Zucker, N; Von Holle, A; Thornton, LM; Strober, M; Plotnicov, K; Klump, KL; Brandt, H; Crawford, S; Crow, S; Fichter, MM; Halmi, KA; Johnson, C; Kaplan, AS; Keel, P; LaVia, M; Mitchell, JE; Rotondo, A; Woodside, DB; Berrettini, WH; Kaye, WH; Bulik, CM (2011). The significance of repetitive hair-pulling behaviors in eating disorders.. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 67(4), 391-403. [21365638], [doi]
    (last updated on 2019/02/15)

    We studied the relation between intrusive and repetitive hair pulling, the defining feature of trichotillomania, and compulsive and impulsive features in 1,453 individuals with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. We conducted a series of regression models examining the relative influence of compulsive features associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder, compulsive features associated with eating disorders, trait features related to harm avoidance, perfectionism, and novelty seeking, and self harm. A final model with a reduced sample (n = 928) examined the additional contribution of impulsive attributes. One of 20 individuals endorsed hair pulling. Evidence of a positive association with endorsement of compulsive behavior of the obsessive-compulsive spectrum emerged. Hair pulling may be more consonant with ritualistic compulsions than impulsive urges in those with eating disorders.

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