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Publications [#351198] of Allison Meyer

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Journal Articles

  1. Meyer, AE; Reilly, EE; Daniel, KE; Hollon, SD; Jensen-Doss, A; Mennin, DS; Muroff, J; Schuler, TA; White, BA; Teachman, BA (2020). Characterizing evidence-based practice and training resource barriers: A needs assessment. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 14(3), 200-208. [doi]
    (last updated on 2020/09/06)

    © 2019 American Psychological Association. In the last two decades, evidence-based practices have become increasingly prioritized, and yet, adoption of evidence-based practices and principles is still limited. It is important then to characterize the contextual factors that facilitate or impede implementation and sustainment evidence-based practice. We conducted a needs assessment of diverse mental health providers (including clinical psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists) to: (a) identify the most commonly perceived practical barriers to incorporating evidence-based practices into clinical care, (b) describe the most valuable features of existing resources that support evidence-based practice, and (c) offer suggestions for how those features can be leveraged to decrease challenges associated with integrating evidence-based principles into clinical practice. We present the results in this study of N = 476 clinical educators, practitioners, and trainees. Practicing in an evidence-based way was identified as a priority by most respondents and yet respondents noted time, cost, and access as barriers to training in, and ongoing engagement with, evidence-based practice. Assessing needs and desired resources helps create the roadmap toward sustainment of evidence-based care.

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