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Jessica N. Coleman, Graduate Student    Edit

Jessica N. Coleman

Representative Publications:   (search)

  1. O'Cleirigh, C; Perry, NS; Taylor, SW; Coleman, JN; Costa, PT; Mayer, KH; Safren, SA (2018). Personality Traits and Adaptive HIV Disease Management: Relationships with Engagement in Care and Condomless Anal Intercourse Among Highly Sexually Active Sexual Minority Men Living with HIV.. Lgbt Health, 5(4), 257-263. [doi]  [abs]
  2. Shaffer, KM; Jacobs, JM; Coleman, JN; Temel, JS; Rosand, J; Greer, JA; Vranceanu, A-M (2017). Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Among Two Seriously Medically Ill Populations and Their Family Caregivers: A Comparison and Clinical Implications. Neurocritical Care, 27(2), 180-186. [doi]
  3. Ashaba, S; Kaida, A; Coleman, JN; Burns, BF; Dunkley, E; O’Neil, K; Kastner, J; Sanyu, N; Akatukwasa, C; Bangsberg, DR; Matthews, LT; Psaros, C (2017). Psychosocial challenges facing women living with HIV during the perinatal period in rural Uganda. Plos One, 12(5), e0176256-e0176256. [doi]

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